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●Basic Information

1. What kind of company is NICE?

NICE is the abbreviation NICE Information Service Co., Ltd. and a company located in Korea. NICE is preparing and issuing the credit reports for the partner suppliers which deliver the products to larges companies in Korea such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, etc.

2. What is the role of NICE in this website?

NICE manages the whole process for the supplier credit rating of local companies abroad. The application of supplier credit rating, payment, inquiry of results and so on are managed in this website.

3. Is NICE issue the credit report for local companies abroad directly?

No. The supplier credit rating of local company' is made by the credit rating agencies in the local countries. After receiving the application of supplier credit rating in this website, Nice requests the issuance of the credit reports of the applicable companies to the local supplier credit rating agencies. For more information on the local credit rating agencies and contacts, please refer to the menu of “supplier credit rating procedure”.

4 Why should the suppliers the supplier credit rating?

The suppliers should prove they don’t have a problem to supply products or services to the purchasers (like Samsung). By getting the supplier credit rating, the suppliers may prove they can do business safely on the long-time base.

● How to apply for the supplier credit rating?

5. What is the first thing you need to do to apply for the supplier credit rating?

After accessing to the website, get the ID and password. Log in with the ID and password, make an application of supplier credit rating by pressing the “supplier credit rating application” menu.

6. At which point does the supplier credit rating?

As soon as the applicant completes the application and payment on the website, the supplier credit rating starts. Nice informs the application of supplier credit rating to the credit rating agency in the local country after checking the application and payment by the applicable company.
(Note: please be noted NICE begins the evaluation after the applicant completes the payment for the service.)

7. Is there any guide of supplier credit rating procedure?

If you click "Demo & Guide" banner on the main website, the detailed information for application procedure is shown.

8. How long does it take to complete a credit rating report?

It takes about 7 ~ 15 business days to complete the evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete, NICE informs the completion of evaluation to an applicant by e-mail and the applicant can check the credit report at this website. For the inquiry of supplier credit rating results, please refer to the “Inquiry Results ” menu at the top.

9. Does the applicant submit the credit report to the applicable purchaser after receiving the credit report?

No. On completing the evaluation, the results of the credit report are provided to the applicant as well as the purchaser. Accordingly, the applicant need not submit the credit report to the purchaser separately.

10. What is the next procedure after completing the application and payment of the service?

NICE carries out the evaluation by providing the related materials and data to the credit rating agency of the local country after receiving the application. Therefore, the applicant must submit the materials and data requirements on the website.

● Payment

11. Who pays the supplier credit rating fee?

The supplier which becomes the object of evaluation pays the fee at the time of application. That is why the supplier should prove its credit to the purchaser.

12. What is the fee payment method?

The fee can be paid as follows:
- Credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB and DINERS linked card)
- Wire transfer (transfer to the bank account of NICE in Korea)
- UnionPay (available only in China) - Alipay (available only in China)

13. How long does it take to confirm the applicant paid money?

The payment by credit card can be checked in real time and the applicable information is delivered to the e-mail at the time of payment. But the money transfer to a foreign country may take some days for NICE to check the payment. In this case, the payment is informed by e-mail after the confirmation of the payment.

14. Where can the bill be found?

The bill and the invoices are automatically created and can be downloaded or printed out.

● How to apply for the credit rating

15. Is it possible to get the contact list of overseas credit rating agencies?

You can check the contact list of credit rating agencies by clicking “supplier credit rating procedure”, the menu of the website.

16. Is it possible to have the contacts of purchasers such as Samsung Electronics Contact?

Click “supplier credit rating procedure”, the menu of the website and check the contact list of purchasers.

17. For more details related with the evaluation, to whom should I contact?

Please contact NICE Information Service